Hundreds of people in Berlin take part in the annual Al-Quds march through the West Berlin city centre.

The core of the demonstration's demands is the destruction and, until then, the boycott of Israel.

As an alibi against accusations of anti-Semitism, members of the Jewish splinter group Neturei Karta, who reject the state of Israel on religious grounds, are taking part again this year. The right-wing extremist Uwe Meenen (NPD) takes part in the opening rally.

This year, apparently under pressure from the public discussion, the organizer is paying even more attention than usual to compliance with police requirements. According to the organizer, the police are now threatening to break up the demonstration if Israel continues to be called a "child murderer" in chants.

During the march, participants show the flags of Iran, Yemen and the regime in Syria.

On the fringes of the march there are smaller protest rallies and word battles with pro-Israeli activists. Strong police presence separates the opponents.