Several dozen activists gathered on 17.08.2019 in Berlin in front of the Brandenburg Gate to show their support for the democracy movement in Hong Kong that has been going on for months.

On signs and in short speeches they pointed out the police violence in Hong Kong.

Some demonstrators blindfolded an eye with a bandage symbolically soaked in "blood". This is seen as accusation and solidarity with the victims through police violence. A demonstrator had lost an eye through police action.

The background is mass protests by hundreds of thousands of people in Hong Kong against a planned law that would allow citizens to be extradited to the People's Republic of China. Due to the lack of the rule of law in China, this led to prolonged demonstrations in the Special Administrative Zone, which was returned to China by Great Britain in 1997. Since then, the principle of "one country, two systems" has applied, guaranteeing democratic freedoms for Hong Kong citizens.

Although head of government Carrie Lam suspended the passage of the law, the protests did not stop. Meanwhile, Lam's resignation and an explanation of the police's actions are also demanded.

At the same time similar protests took place in several cities.