Several thousand people took part in the weekly demonstration in Vienna against the right-wing black-brown federal government under Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP). The seventh such demonstration on a Thursday was under the motto "We are now together".
The focus of the protest, which was organised by mainly left-wing groups but whose participants reached into the bourgeois camp, was the erosion of workers' rights and the simultaneous collective bargaining in the metal industry. For this reason, the demonstration also passed by the headquarters of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, where the trade unionists who were negotiating solidarised with the protest - and vice versa.
Some participants, wearing a fes, criticised the recently published racist video of the FPÖ on the subject of social abuse.
The slogan "It's Thursday again" dates back to the year 2000, when weekly demonstrations against the first edition of the video were held in Vienna by conservative ÖVP and right-wing radical FPÖ.